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Lincoln Incident

Resources Used: Engine 11, Truck 11, Rescue Ambulance 11, Engine 12, Truck 12, Engine 13, Rescue Ambulance 13, Engine 14, Engine 16 and Battalion Chief 1 
Number of Personnel: 


On March 4, 2018 at 1445 hours, a full assignment from Burbank Fire Department consisting of 3 engines, 2 trucks, 1 rescue ambulance and a Battalion Chief responded to an outside fire on the 1800 block of North Lincoln. Upon arrival, the first due engine found an outside fire which had ignited a flammable liquid which was flowing down the gutter on Lincoln Street. The resulting flammable liquid fire extended to 8 vehicles parked on Lincoln Street destroying 3 and damaging 5 others. Crews quickly extinguished the multiple fires within 10 minutes and stopped the flow of the flammable liquid preventing it from going into the storm drain. There were no reported injuries to firefighters or civilians and minimal damage to nearby structures. At this time, there is no estimate on dollar loss. The cause of the fire and spill are under investigation.

Firefighter using a hose on car fire