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Thanksgiving Safety

Thanksgiving Table

As you plan your Thanksgiving meal, make safety a priority in your kitchen! Keep your holiday dinner delicious and safe with the following tips:

  • Move things that can burn away from the stove. Turn pot handles toward the back so that they can’t be bumped.
  • Watch what you’re cooking. Use a timer when roasting a turkey or baking pies.
  • Be prepared. Keep a large pan lid or baking sheet handy in case you need to smother a pan fire.
  • Stay awake and alert while you’re cooking. If you see smoke or the grease starts to boil in your pan, turn the burner off.
  • Prevent burns. Wear short sleeves when you cook, or roll them up. Don’t lean over the burner. Use potholders and oven mitts to handle hot cookware.

The National Fire Protection Association discourages the use of outdoor gas-fueled turkey fryers. Watch this Dangers of Turkey Fryers video to see the significant risk posed by a large quantity of cooking oil at high temperatures. If you prefer fried turkey, go to a professional establishment or consider a new type of "oil-less" turkey fryer.

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