2018 Firefighter of the Year

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Pete GarciaCongratulations to Captain Pete Garcia who has been selected as the Burbank Fire Department 2018 Firefighter of the Year!

Captain Garcia has 16 years of dedicated service with the Burbank Fire Department. He is an outstanding Paramedic who takes great pride in maintaining his skills in this discipline. He understands that being a Paramedic made him a better asset to the Department. He mentors younger Paramedics by sharing his valuable experience with them. His continuous involvement helps enhance the Emergency Medical Services Program.

Captain Garcia is very knowledgeable about firefighting equipment and is tactically sound. He is a self-starter who showed initiative by helping with many Department activities outside of his normal duties. He volunteered to put on two Engineer tests in 2017 and provided quality control for the Department’s incident reporting. Also, he is the Coordinator for the Certified Relief Program, which is a training and examination process that improves personnel’s operational knowledge and capabilities as well as offers prospective Engineers the opportunity to drive and operate various apparatus. These accomplishments demonstrate his strong work ethic as they occurred while he was preparing to take the Captain’s test. 

Captain Garcia recognizes the importance of giving back to the community, mentoring personnel, leading by example, performing at the highest level, and having a positive attitude. His professionalism and loyalty epitomize excellence in firefighting and emergency medical services.

Please join us in congratulating Captain Garcia for this honorable and deserving recognition as the Burbank Fire Department 2018 Firefighter of the Year.

2018 Firefighter of the Year Presentation at City Council Meeting