2020 Firefighter of the Year

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Congratulations to Captain Ryan Cortina who has been selected as the Burbank Fire Department 2020 Firefighter of the Year!

Captain Cortina has 12 years of dedicated service with the Burbank Fire Department.  His passion and commitment as a Company Officer is second to none and may only be superseded by his investment in the Paramedic Program.  He spends countless hours both on and off-duty working towards the improvement, innovation and ownership of this Program.  He always goes above and beyond as a Paramedic Coordinator by maintaining personnel needs, equipment and supplies.  He is a key component in the Department’s successful relationships with outside agencies and provides Continuing Education for the Emergency Medical Services Program.  

Captain Cortina achieves all of the above while still preparing his crew for the all-risk challenges that a fire company may face.  He is constantly learning new information and skills of the job while holding himself to the highest standards without compromise. 

Captain Cortina’s compassion for the public and his crew is unmatched.  He constantly ensures the happiness and wellbeing of others before himself.  His integrity is commendable as he sets the bar for excellence in the performance of his duties.  His outstanding leadership is evident as he inspires personnel through his strong work ethic and positive attitude.  He exemplifies the Department’s shared values of integrity, ownership, compassion, innovation and excellence.   

Please join us in congratulating Captain Cortina for this honorable recognition as the Burbank Fire Department 2020 Firefighter of the Year.