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As a production center for the motion picture and television industry, the City of Burbank actively promotes a positive atmosphere for production companies wishing to film within the City limits. A film permit is required for all filming done within the City of Burbank. We have a simplified permit procedure designed to coordinate all your production needs with City health and safety requirements. The following outlines permit procedures and restrictions for filming in the City of Burbank.

To initiate the permit procedure, a production company MUST:

  1. Contact the Police Film Office at (818) 238-3105, no less than 48 business hours prior to start of proposed filming.
  2. Complete the film permit application form. Supply a description of desired location and type of production activity. Email, fax or apply on-line 48 business hours prior to proposed filming date. Please provide the application to both the Police Film Office and Fire Film Safety Office at

  3. If filming occurs on private or public property, a Fire Safety Officer is usually assigned. The permit will be reviewed by the Fire Film Safety Office and a determination will be made based on film activity, location, and cast/crew size. The production company may contact the Fire Film Safety Office at (818) 238-FIRE (3473) or if there are any questions about the Fire Safety Officer assignment.

  4. If no Fire Safety Officer is assigned, a Fire Film Safety Permit will be issued.

  5. A production company representative must appear in person at both the Police Film Office and Fire Film Safety Office to sign and pay appropriate fees before actual filming begins.

  6. Copies of all permits will issued to the production company and must be on hand at all times at the film location.

  7. Please email the Fire Film Safety Office at regarding any revised production call times or cancellations at least one business day prior to the scheduled start of production or the paid fees shall be forfeited.


Effective July 1, 2017, the Fire Film Safety Office will require the Fire Safety Officer 4 hour minimum fee to be paid prior to the first day of production. The 4 hour minimum fee of $432.00 per day of production shall be collected upfront. The balance shall be invoiced at the conclusion of the production.

Please note that if a Fire Safety Officer works over 4 hours, the total hours will include an additional 30 minutes for pre- and post-assignment tasks.

Productions not assigned a Fire Safety Officer will be issued a Fire Film Safety Permit at a fee of $159.00 which shall be paid prior to the first day of production.

Payment options include cash, check or credit card. If the required upfront payments are not received, your film permit shall be revoked.

Depending on your film activity, the Fire Film Safety Office may issue operational permits and the associated fees shall be paid. If you have any questions, please call (818) 238-FIRE (3473) or email

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