A Day in the Life

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Firefighters work a rotating schedule consisting of three 24-hour shifts with a day off in between each shift, called a “cycle.” After the conclusion of the third shift of work, Firefighters have four days off.

0730: Shift change. Personnel check their equipment and apparatus that they are staffing. It is each member’s responsibility to ensure that all tools and equipment are in proper working order.

0800: Workouts. Maintaining a high level of physical fitness is key to ensuring the safety of each member as well as Burbank citizens and visitors.

0900: Line-up. Station Captains brief their personnel on what is expected for the remainder of the shift.
0930: Maintenance. Each day of the week designates particular areas, tools and equipment that need to be cleaned and/or maintained. This is also the time for Engineers to thoroughly inspect their apparatus.
1200: Lunch. Each member contributes money for two meals. A designated cook for the day will shop for groceries and prepare the meals.

1330: Afternoon line-up. This is an opportunity to review any changes in the shift objectives, listen to company schools given by probationary Firefighters and/or begin tasks.

1700: Free time. If the objectives of the day are completed, members have time for personal tasks (i.e., study, train, cook, workout, etc.)

All of the above is in addition to the primary job which is protecting life, property and the environment every time the Burbank Fire Department responds to an incident.

Watch a video of the Kenwood Fire incident.