CPAT & Biddle Exams

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To become a Burbank firefighter, you should have a current passing score on the Candidate Physical Ability Test (CPAT) before scheduling a first round Burbank Fire Department interview and at the time of certification for hiring consideration. In addition, all candidates who qualify will be scheduled for a second round Fire Chief interview. Candidates will also be scheduled for a Biddle physical ability test supervised by the Burbank Fire Department.


The CPAT is a requirement for the position of firefighter and you will be instructed to provide proof of passing the CPAT. The job of a firefighter is one of the most physically demanding jobs and requires high levels of cardiopulmonary endurance, muscular strength and muscular endurance.

The CPAT is a timed pass/fail test that consists of eight separate events:

1. Stair Climb
2. Hose Drag
3. Equipment Carry
4. Ladder Raise & Extension
5. Forcible Entry
6. Search
7. Rescue

8. Ceiling Breach & Pull

During the CPAT, you must progress along a predetermined path from one event to the next in a continuous manner. Participants wear a 50-pound vest to simulate the weight of a self-contained breathing apparatus (SCBA) and firefighter protective clothing. An additional 25 pounds (using two 12.5-pound weights that simulate a high-rise pack hose bundle) is added to your shoulders for the stair climb event. You have 10 minutes and 20 seconds to complete all eight tasks.

Applicants must be 18 years of age and must show government issued photo identification (i.e., driver’s license, school or military ID; or a passport or visa). Candidates without a photo ID will not be allowed to take the CPAT.

The following agencies currently administer the CPAT in Southern California.

California Fire Fighter Joint Apprenticeship Committee - CPAT Testing Center
626 N. Eckhoff St.
Orange, CA 92868
(877) 648-2728

Oxnard College Fire Technology/Academy
101 Durley Ave.
Camarillo, CA 93010
(805) 384-8109

Please contact the agencies directly to obtain further information. It is your responsibility to schedule and pay for your CPAT.

Biddle Exam

The Biddle Exam will also be administered to eligible candidates and is required by the Burbank Fire Department. There is no additional cost for this exam.

The Biddle Exam consists of 11 consecutive events that must be completed within 9 minutes and 34 seconds or less.

dryhose  1. Dry Hose Deployment: Candidate advances 150-feet of 1.75-inch dry hose with nozzle, around two obstacles. 
 charged hose 2. Charged Hose Deployment: Candidate advances charged 1.75-inch hose with nozzle, 70-feet, 32-feet of the hose deployment involves stooping or crawling while advancing the hose into a narrowing hallway.
 halyard raise 3. Halyard Raise: Candidate raises and lowers the fly section of a 35-foot aluminum extension ladder one time.
  4. Roof Walk: Candidate ascends and descends a 14-foot ladder attached to a simulated-pitched roof with a chain saw in his or her hand.
  5. Attic Crawl: Candidate crawls a distance of 20 feet across a simulated attic-joist floor, while carrying a simulated flashlight in his or her hand.
 roof vent 6. Roof Ventilation: Candidate stands on a simulated-pitched roof and strikes a padded area 30 times with an 8-pound sledgehammer.
 victim removal 7. Victim Removal: Candidate carries or drags a 154-pound dummy around two obstacles 13 feet apart.
 ladder removal 8. Ladder Removal/Carry: Candidate removes a 24-foot aluminum extension ladder from mounting bracket, carries the ladder around a diamond shaped course 54 feet long and replaces the ladder back on the mounting brackets.
 stair climb 9. Stair Climb with Hose Pack: Candidate ascends to the fourth floor of the tower, using the stairs, carrying a 49-pound hose pack. Drops the hose pack and performs event 10. Candidate then descends the tower using the same stairs, to the first floor carrying the hose pack.
 attic crawl 2 10. Attic Crawl: Candidate crawls on hands and knees on the fourth floor of the tower for a distance of 60 feet. This will be done when candidate is performing event 9.
  11. Hose Hoist: Candidate will ascend to the third floor of the tower using the stairs, carrying 2 air bottles weighing 29 pounds (connected with a 2-foot strap). After dropping off the air bottles, the candidate will then hoist up a 100-foot section of extended 1.75-inch hose line with nozzle, up and through the window, picking up the air bottles and descending the tower to the finish line, ending the test.

The following agency currently administers the Biddle Exam for the Burbank Fire Department.

Rio Hondo Fire Academy
11400 Greenstone Ave.
Santa Fe Springs, CA 90670
(562) 941-4082