Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ's)

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  • How many fire stations are in Burbank?

    There are six fire stations strategically located throughout Burbank. The City is divided into six geographical planning zones, known as fire districts. Each fire district is served by a fire station and defines the first-due response area for each station. Each fire station is located to ensure effective distribution of resources and limit undue risk from extended responses. The Burbank Fire Department also operates a Training Center at 1845 N. Ontario St. The Department Headquarters is at 311 E. Orange Grove Ave., which is the combined Police and Fire Headquarters building.
  • What is the difference between a fire engine and a fire truck?

    A fire engine (or pumper) is the apparatus that carries hose and water to a fire. An engine carries over 3,000 feet of fire hose in various sizes, a 2,000 gallons per minute pump and 500 gallons of water in a tank. Once the tank water is used (which usually takes less than 2 minutes of firefighting) the engine must be connected to an external water source (a fire hydrant). A fire truck (or hook and ladder) is essentially a giant toolbox. It carries specially trained personnel and tools, which are used for search and rescue, vehicle extrication, structural collapse rescue and several hundred feet of ladders including a 100-foot hydraulic aerial ladder. At fires, a truck’s primary function is to ventilate the structure and perform search and rescue inside the structure.
  • How many Burbank firefighters are staffed on a fire engine/truck?

    The Burbank Fire Department staffs each engine and truck with 3 or 4 personnel.
  • What types of calls does the Burbank Fire Department respond to?

    The Burbank Fire Department responds to many types of calls including medical emergencies, structure fires, vehicle accidents, hazardous materials incidents and odor investigations.
  • How do I request an incident report?

    Please call (818) 238-FIRE (3473). The fee is $15.00. If you would like to request your medical report, please visit our EMS FAQ's page.
  • How do I schedule a station tour or fire engine demonstration?

    For information, please visit our Request a Station Tour or Fire Engine Demonstration page.
  • What is CERT and how do I sign up for a class?

    CERT stands for Community Emergency Response Team. The CERT class is offered to the public for a partially refundable fee. The class cover topics such as emergency preparedness and disaster response skills. For more information, please visit
  • How do I become a Burbank firefighter?

    For information, please visit our How To Become A Firefighter page. To receive updates on firefighter recruitment, please visit the City of Burbank Online Employment Center and subscribe to a job alert.
  • Are Burbank firefighters represented by a union?

    Yes, firefighters may join the Burbank Firefighters Local 778.
  • Could you help me install a car seat?

    For information on installing a car seat, please contact the California Highway Patrol.
  • Do you offer a cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR) class?

    For information on CPR classes, please contact the American Red Cross. The phone number of the Los Angeles Region Headquarters is (310) 445-9900.
  • Where can I get sandbags?

    For information on sandbags, please contact the City of Burbank Street and Sanitation Division at (818) 238-3800.
  • Where do I dispose of needles and medication?

    Burbank does not have any disposal sites, however to find a location within the area, please go to S.A.F.E. Centers.