EMS Membership Program FAQ's

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  • 1. What is the Emergency Medical Services (EMS) Membership Program?

  • 2. Who do I call when I have a medical emergency?

  • 3. As a Burbank resident, how do I enroll in the EMS Membership Program?

  • 4. Do I get a member identification card once I join the EMS Membership Program?

  • 5. Who is covered under the membership fee?

  • 6. What if there are changes or updates to my household?

  • 7. Does the EMS Membership Program cover members of my household outside the City of Burbank?

  • 8. Is non-emergency ambulance transportation covered to or from a hospital, doctor's office, rehab facility or retirement home?

  • 9. Why do I need to join the EMS Membership Program if I already have medical insurance?

  • 10. Why does the Burbank Fire Department bill my insurance plan?

  • 11. What happens if I do not enroll in the EMS Membership Program?

  • 12. Is there a reduced EMS Membership Program fee for low-income families?

  • 13. I pay property taxes. Do my tax dollars pay for ambulance service?

  • 14. If I decide not to join the EMS Membership Program, what are the charges for paramedic and emergency ambulance services?