Safety Tips & Links

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Kitchen Fire Safety
Candle Safety
Electrical Safety

Escape Planning
Exit Drills in the Home (EDITH)

Fire and Safety Equipment
Smoke Alarms
Carbon Monoxide Safety Sheet and FAQ's
Know Your Fire Sprinkler System
Fire Extinguishers

Household Equipment
Gas Meter Safety

Health and Safety
Bereavement Support
Learn CPR
Water Safety

Get Ahead of the Winter Freeze
Winter holidays
Christmas trees

Ready for Wildfire
What to Do After a Fire
Sharps Disposal
Wood Roof Removal Ordinance
National Fire Protection Association Safety Tip Sheets
When to Call 9-1-1 Brochure (available in EnglishSpanish and Armenian)

For People with Disabilities:
People with Disabilities

For Older Adults:
Fire Safety Checklist
Safety Tip Sheets: High Rise Fire Safety, Home Escape, Fire Safety for People with Disabilities, and Medical Oxygen
Home Fire Safety for Older Adults Toolkit
Take Responsibility for Yourself - Emergency Preparedness for Older Adults
Take Responsibility for Yourself - Emergency Supplies
Take Responsibility for Yourself - Earthquake Tips

For Parents & Teachers:
CHP Car Seat Safety
California Poison Control System
Safe Kids USA
Safely Surrendered Baby Law

The Burbank Fire Department offers station tours and fire engine demonstrations for Burbank schools to teach children about fire safety education. For more information, please call (818) 238-FIRE (3473) or view our online form